I find this rather interesting that when we watch basketball, we accuse russell westbrook of stat patting and not caring about winning. Same with lebron james. We accuse him of staff padding, but when there's someone like aaron rodgers, whose only one one super bowl and hasn't been to the super bowl in a very long time, all we do is talk about how great his stats are. But we don't say that he doesn't care about winning. Just think it kind of contradicts.

Yeah, yeah, you're exactly correct. People just use whatever stats or though you stats in one area, body of working, the other of wins and losses, they'll use whatever is necessary to try and sustain the argument of favoritism and bias. You know, let's face it, aaron rodgers is a good quarterback. He's one of the great ones in the modern day, but you know he's in. He's not the grace, and he haven't bad year. Now let's flip to the other side. Russell westbrook wins with those stats, and he's proven it this year, proving it.

I totally disagree because basketball and full bar, so completely different sports and football. You only play one position essentially and you don't even play both sides of the ball. So in basketball, i could say, wow, maybe russia let his big man get some of those reminds and play better defense, you know, use that energy on defense. I can't say that about aaron rodgers. His position is the quarterback, so his job is to score the ball. If that results in its latest us, so be it.

Battle on SportsMe! I see y’all hating on Westbrook but can’t you say the same about Rodgers

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