Here's another thing. I think russell westbrook is severely underrated. He's probably the most hated player in the mba because he wanted vp averaging a triple double. People in think he was as good as kevin durant as good as lebron, and while that remains true, he is still a top notch player in this league and he is leading a play off team. Sure, he's shooting a port percentage from three right now, but he's virtually doing everything else well.

I think the reason a lot of people hate on russell westbrook is not necessary because he's not a great player. He clearly is. But i think it's rather what has he done for? Okay, see, lately, people say westbrook's a ball hog, but if he was, he wouldn't be averaging a triple double for the last two seasons in a row and looking like he could be on his way to affairs. I think a lot of people look at oklahoma city's lack of playoff success. When westbrook was about katie used to question his leadership, intangibles, things like that. That's the gas.

I think it's more saw westbrook's decision making. You could still be selfish and get a city. Spores are plenty players. Do it be a ball hog still get assist, but it's also his just reckless abandon out there on the court. You know he gets a lot of turnovers and, you know, puts himself in bad situations as a result of that. But i agree that he is a top notch player and people do kind of underrating attitudes and decision making. Assign him and lebron james game are very similar.

Yeah, been fresh. Look. Lebron james has one point, one more turnovers per game in his career and russell westbrook, russell westbrook for halls. Reckless. A band has less turnovers in the best basket basketball player playing today, so i don't know about that turnover stuff, but i think the i think sports nerd is right. It's the playoff success. People thinks he he says that path, but i post its that earlier on sports me. But he has the highest winning percentage of any of the great players when he has a triple double eighty two percent of their games. They win when he has a triple dose, so he's great.

Yeah, i owe you so correct. I ate the way people bash him. They disrespect his game. They they failed to appreciate the effort he puts out there on the court every night. I mean, he doesn't take nights off unless he's injured or hurt, and then he's in street clothes. But if this guy has addressed to play, he gives you everything you'd ever want in a player and what it is about him that that causes people to shut down and don't appreciate him and stat padding and all that. This guy brings it every night.

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