All right. We're a quarter of the way through the season, and houston does not look good. They don't look good at all. Um, i still think they're going to make the playoffs, but i've heard a lot of people say that they're going to miss the playoffs. They just don't have faith in. It. Doesn't look good right now, and defensively they are horrible. But i still think they're going to sneak into the playoffs. I think they'll get hot. I think they'll figure it out. What do you guys think about the state of the houston rockets?

The rockets will only make the playoffs if they make a big deal, not even necessarily a big deal. But they have to make some type of transaction. Hurst even a today saying that he'd try to get trevor reason back. Maybe, you know, maybe a player like that, but they definitely need to shake up the roster and water just to make the playoffs. Otherwise, if they stay in tech, i don't see them doing. Chris paul is injured. Uh, it's one of those lingering injuries, don't you? I just don't see it used has fallen off.

Yes, the number one seed from last year is going to make the playoffs this year. Yes, consigning carmelo anthony wasn't the best thing for more to do in losing, obama would say, and travel reason obviously hurt their defense. But remember, eric gordon is off to one of the slowest star say he's ever had in the season, dating back to his rookie year. He's actually shooting the worst field goal percentage of anybody that's taken over two hundred shots and adding mellow wasn't helping them offensively or defensively. Don't forget that chris paul still hurt, and james harden and crisp are one of the top two duels in the mba for a backcourt. When he gets back, they'll make a row.

Yeah. The problem with this team is that they got caught in their own success and didn't pay attention to the chemistry that they had. They should have made every effort to keep that team intact. That was so successful last year. And don't take her with allowing people go out on the free agency market. Look, go ahead and do what you had to do. Negotiate those those contracts within the flow of things and, you know, keep that team together, even if it was just short term for one more year, two more years.

So it appears like everyone's on the same page here. I live in houston. I hear all the nonsense that they say about the rockets. I'm a laker fan, so i completely tuned it out. But to a degree, i do hear it. It's using to make the playoffs. Obviously, now what seed they're going to be in. That's another question, but for sure they're going to be in the playoffs. The clippers are not going to have the number one seed, that's for sure.

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