Okay, i'm going to propose a bet to you guys and somebody all khun, jump on it. It's going to be a bet where i get most of the reward. If it goes my way. I'm picking the cowboys tonight, and if i win, i get a hundred points from whoever decides to bet me and you have to make a post about how great i am. Mom. But if i lose, i'm just going to give you guys a hundred points because i'm going with the underdog. But i'm taking the cowboy's who's willing to go against me on that.

I would never bet against the dallas cowboys, but if you're talking about the point spread either way, i'd actually go with the over and under on this bet. Obviously, i feel like you're not actually talking about this. But either way, if you were going to go actually make a bet on this game, do do the over. There's a fifty two point over under, and i guarantee that both teams at least score twenty five plus point. Like i said, i won't bet against dallas, but i'll take the points of the saints win tonight. Go cowboys, folks, you say?

I will say how great your pic was saying, how great that was an insight on your part, even though i didn't bet with you because i didn't have the guts to stay with that pig. I thought the cowboys had a real good chance after last three weeks. But and after even raving about mari cooper, and if he would ever get somewhere and he did, he got to dallas, and i just love what they've been doing the last three weeks. But earlier in the season, i bet against the saints twice on the road and laws. And so i flipped my my pick and went back to the saints. Should

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