So i saw the bucks or giving literally giving away tickets. It's a patriots fan and most of you guys with your teams that would never exist. But the bucks we're doing that now. I just really yahoo article that said this was a brilliant plan because no one is going there anyway. They'll sell a bunch of hot dogs and sodas and food concessions. What do y'all think? Good or bad plan? Ultimately, i still think it's a bad, bad plan and awful pr.

I like this plan. Why not? To your point, jeff. They're not gonna fill the seats anyway, by way of the actual product on the field. So they'll make it a revenue wise via the concession. So perhaps you get some cats down there who become an army to the game outside of the product on the field, everything else as we know that goes on in the sports and entertainment venue like that, i don't see nothing wrong with it. To your point, nobody'd be in the stands anyway. Now, come on, bucks. Let's have a long term plan to put him in the seats, right?

I pick up my free ticket, i get my wife to carry a big ass part a pack some fucking peanuts and let some sodas and that person that i get from the fucking grocery store buy a fucking hot dog outside the fucking stadium, make sure it's still hot. Some popcorn, you know, they saw those fucking bags of popcorn to still put that in my life. I don't need buy shit when i get to the fucking state. Everything is free. Dude, i spent about ten eleven dollars of food and drink. Might put a little fuel fucking cans of beer and in the life spark, that's what i'm doing.

So regardless of whether or not i think this is a good idea, which i agree, jeff, it is. If you're not gonna make any money off to get you, might as well make it off of something. Even if that's off of the very snacks and amenities, you're going to be selling out stadiums. Regardless of that, though, this is just not a good look for the books. I mean, we went from beating the saints and the eagles to now all of a sudden foreign seven and having to give away free tickets. Rough. Why there's ahead. But, hey, that's what happens when you're about as consistent as your two quarterbacks.

Here's why you got an immediate right of corporate right off. Because now you assigned that that dollar figure, toe marketing and advertising and the giveaways to the community becomes an operational expense. Then you take on the potential added concession sales and revenue, secondary revenues. And also, you've got to remember after you wet the whistle of people after a while and they get used to it. They'll start buying those tickets if you start putting some winning product on the field.

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