What you have here is beautiful. Veteran leadership, allah coaching, doc rivers. I still got love for you, doc. You know i do. And you have a bunch of role players. Allah, lou williams, allah, tobias harris, who are longer lanky, know their roles. And you run a little deep up to seven or eight deep at that site. Type of player in position. So you also haven't been in anybody's radar. No one suspected that you would be doing this great at this point in the season. And kudos to doc, is it all starts there.

Deputy. You, steph, you're so right. Depth left and balanced, scoring. And of course, they play very good team defense. Most teams that ever played for doc always will. He comes out of aa life of team defensive philosophy. So you know, being a lot lifelong celtic as he was. But, you know, they are deep. They go ast faras nine and ten deep, actually. But balanced scoring. You can't take anyone guy out. You're right, stef.

They are clicking early, which is understandable. Yes, they have a little bit of depth. No, they don't know for sure. Player go to other than the williams, however. Their collection right now. Darcy at lasting? Not at all. Well, they make the playoffs possible. Who knows? Are they going to go anywhere in that? Not in this lifetime.

Here's why the clips are off to a good start there, shooting the ball really well. They're shooting over thirty seven percent of the team from three that second in the mba, also their third in the league in scoring one hundred eighteen points per game. I really like what doc rivers was doing. They have to the best bench players in the league and lou williams and montrose. Harold and i really liked that shy gildas alexander rookie. How to kentucky? He's been fantastic so far. Then you have those veterans like tobias harrison gallinari doing good things, clips yourself.

The big reason why the clippers are off to such a great start is because their offense has been clicking early. They're second in the western conference and fourth in the entire league when it comes to points per game, their aid in field goal percentage, second and three point percentage and fifth and free throw percentage. Tobias, harrison, montreuil, harold seem to finally be breaking out. Danilo gallinari and lou williams air having solid seasons as you'd expect them to have a shite. Villages. Alexander's been a revelation is a rookie. It's been a good start to the season for.

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