You know what i learned tonight? There is not one best player in the nba anymore. There are two. Kevin durant is as good a basketball player has. Lebron james liao fifty one points, eleven rebounds, six assists. They lost to the best team in the n. B a. Right now in the toronto raptors in overtime without draymond green without curry and he put up the numbers he did, and he's been bowling league with their two best players in the nba right now.

Well, look at it. Jonah is that he's the best scoring player in the league. He's the best score in the league, period. Hands down. He's better than anybody. Steph curry, lebron kawai, carrie, uh, booker, you whoever everybody wanted, pick him. But lebron is the most all around. He's the best all around player. And so lebron's the best all around katie is the best score that makes them the best two.

Yeah, i think if you're talking offensively, i definitely think kevin durant is the best score in the game. Also think he's the best two way player in the game in his defence is more versatile than lebron's is. Katie is a career twenty seven points per game and he should have been nominated for defensive player of the year last year's i know there has never been in the n b a a seven footer with handles or range of kevin durant, but there's never, ever been a player like lebron. He should have been the most valuable player. He's always the most valuable player in the league, and he's been for the last five to ten seasons. I think katie is overall better than lebron and etienne janos are up next

Okay. Overall, katie is not better than lebron. The shot doc is spot on as usual. Is he ever wrong? Lsc battles may on some other topics, but katie is the best scorer in the land, you could argue, was another battle. Is he the best score all time? Pure scorer? He could be. Lebron is the best play in the time. The best player. The lead. Think about switching it up. If katie was on the lakers, where the cavs last season would they have done is well with the cat. Submit it to the finals.

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