Most quarterback wins in the last three seasons in the nfl. Are you ready for this? Sports meet brady, thirty two. Number one rafel is burger twenty nine in second, and the man that just took down true breeze that prescott is time for second with the most quarterback wins in the last three seasons. No.

That's a big step. That's actually a big step with everything that was being said about dac over the last season and a half. That's a big step, alex. I was unaware of that. I didn't hear it, didn't read it and really to have any reason to research because i hadn't really been coming to dax's defence. But that is one heck of a stat because i have disagree with criticism of deck having watched him.

I didn't know that. Good for him, but tip of cowboys fashion this year, this year, talking they do makes playoffs to detroit on the braking there. Going, tio, you're losing the first round. Um, but to meet that prescott is just another tony romo. Is he bad? New? Is he good? Not necessarily. Is average, as we all know. Who? The true ruler of fantasy, stas. Carson wentz, changed my mind.

Yeah, i knew that. But there's two things i won't tell you. That's that's is it? It's still amazing. Bye, brady in bitch radium bend and have to play it all sixteen games. You know that they would get to sit out because they clinched early. Doc didn't have election, but still, i don't matter, dex. Still, that's a good staff. The other one is everyone is hating on his accuracy right now. He has the best police in percentage of his career.

This ain't good, stat. It's another bush. Is what? I don't get bored. Easy, right? No, i'm not win the game for a cowboy. Huh? Huh? He goes, he goes, he goes get the fuck out of here! You can't put that prescott in the same sentence is rotten burger break, breathe. And right now you fuck. What? Wednesday i'll go for what wins. It stops. Come, come war. Sports me. Come on.

Battle on SportsMe! Most QB Wins in the last three seasons: Tom Brady, Big Ben & now Prescott. How about DAK!! #NFL #Cowboys #Dallas #Dak

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