Oh, guys. Hey, i hear what you guys were saying about russell westbrook. Congratulations that but i can't do it, you know, accolades. Personal statistical category winner. Hey, have all that. But in the end, where is the rings? So i'm saying

Dre. I think that's what we're saying. I think that we're saying he's a phenomenal individual player. I think it's the playoff success, the postseason success that's lacking. And i think that's why people are hesitant to give him the credit he's due is an individual player. And that's fair because we hold lebron to that standard who hasn't had who's played the equivalent of almost two more seasons. But three less rings that mam m. J. That's a big piece of the argument, even though it's not the whole argument for m. J over lebron, i would like to see westbrook wintering.

Fun fact. Jordan didn't score multiple times. Still a multiple time magic and stella multiple times in the system. All kareem and blocks multiple times and rebound the multiple times and score more time. Well, chamberlain in scoring, rebounding and blocking. And believe it or not, assist, too. Magic johnson stealing and assist. What i'm saying is, players that leading category multiple times have rings a compliment, and russell doesn't. That's why we treat him the way we do. He's got away.

It's amazing you are holding a point guard. That same standard is shooting guards and centers and powerful words and small forwards. I mean, russell westbrook is a point guard and a punk ass, uh, super star kevin durant, with a state is as there and maybe finish some unfinished business after pissing away a a ah three one lead over the warriors, shooting twenty percent, then maybe maybe.

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