Since when do you the sacramento kings play on my national television? I haven't seen them all little right. I mean, i went to a game last year, i insist the celtics and that was a blowout. I got like front row seats for like one hundred fifty a pop, not front row. Pretty good seats, so i don't know. It must be the clippers, but that's the only reason.

I don't know if you watch this game or not. But seventy one, sixty eight and a half, they've given us every single moment that we would have wanted in that first game that we had with the raptors and the warriors. You know, you may like lebron and all that, but i can tell you this. Lebron's team couldn't bring any better flow in the game than what we saw out of the kings and out of the clippers tonight. The lakers do not play any better basketball than what you've seen out of both of these two.

Battle on SportsMe! I know Clippers are #1 but vs Kings on National television.🙃🙃 I rather see the PacersvsLakers

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