To your buddy durant drop in fifty one point is still losing to the raptor. How seriously, now do you take the raptor? And now we see how important carriers of tina's why he's more valuable than deranged. But with durant putting up these kind of numbers, he definitely more talented in curry. I think we'd all agree. But all these great numbers, they're not yuning winds, so their most valuable god needs to get back on the floor. So but don't be confused. Durant's the more talented just.

Yeah, you know, kevin durant shot them back in and they were down eighteen in the middle of the third going, you know, they were. They were down eighteen. He shot him back in it. And then a couple times they were down eleven, ten, nine. And he would never let the game get away. And then he went berserk. He just he just went off late in the ballgame. He scored, like fifteen, fifteen of the final eighteen points and regulation for the warriors. But it shows how vulnerable they are without curry and dream on. And i've been saying

Okay. But what if durant was out and curry scored fifty one and draymond was out? I mean, i don't know. I just think this is ridiculous. Old curries out and they lose one game for some games. But durant goes out for ten games and dream on's out. Do you think curry and thompson would beat this raptor team? I don't think they would. I don't think they would. Without durant and draymond green. I don't think curry and clay thompson would beat this rap. Her team? Yeah.

It was funny. Kevin durant's putting out these numbers, but a sense. Machado says his supporting cast is hurt. Dream odds on it. Dream on wasn't playing. Curry's not playing. Rusher of thompson is in. Hey, post fifty burgers can beat the worst team in the league. Damn, ron, does that basically been doing it most of his career and he goes the playoffs. You don't have a problem with him. They ain't got it. Get supporting, cast crazy.

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