Still a browns, apparently on his bullshit again, not listening that play calls that walton was given, even though he's a coach. Wants to self coach's team. Not surprising us. Why he never gets a great coach. Coach. Don't want culture is at sea. They want actually coach. And now he's saying he still can't figure out one to take over the game and when to let his teammates help. I will take it over sixteen years trying to figure that out, but wants to be in gold conversation, the greatest no one to take over. I want to let their teammates help just

My limit is on. Lebron would be such a beast, and he would be such a challenge to most of the opponents in the league if he played off the ball more. If he played off the ball more, i'm telling you he would be a flat just terror. I mean, there's so much. There's so much defense of attention he brings by playing on the ball so much and because of that defense is focused around him. But when he's off the ball, man, he's a terror.

I've been saying this for years, doc. I don't know why lebron doesn't play his natural position. I know i played a little off the ball with the heat. And there were a couple seasons early in his career with the cavs, where he played a little off the ball. Fact. He had his top two scoring seasons of his career when he was doing that. Lebron just tries to do too much. That's his problem. He won't commit to one particular style of play, either be a passerby, a score, do a little rebound, choose one y, m. J and magic were greater. They knew their strength.

The gooch. That's your name now i'd use a bat or something. Out a dude. You know what that means? It's the area between the bomb your nutsack crack your ass. So to surround by gossip, it was there. I think everything about wrong. You know, i think you're right. Lebron would be a beast if if you can come in from the outside by jordan. Good. Jordan had that luxury, had people around him hip store, curse school, you know, keep the defense of honest bronte's don't have that. So if you don't start with the ball and you might not get a chance to get it.

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