Right. We're fresh off. Arguably the biggest cowboys w of the season. But i have a question. So they won thirteen tent and scored all in the second half. I want to know from you supports me. Who is the most valuable cowboy on the roster? And then where does dak fall in the line? You got van dress, you got the marcus lawrence. Have an array of offense alignment. You got seek where's deck is even top five.

We all know that the quarterback is the most important position in order for a team to succeed. So i think prescott is top five on the team for most important player. But i think the most important is vanda rashly invent irish. No linebacker. I mean, the guy's just phenomenal. I mean, as much as i hate the cowboys, i give him a lot of respect, man. Guy's a tackling machine, god place, sideline the sideline. And he's one of the reasons why this dallas defense is actually really good. If it wasn't for van direction, the defense, they would have lost that game to new orleans.

Look, the defense's stout, no question, without that defense and the things that they did in the gold line stand. Although i'm a tell you on that re pass option drew brees and kept the ball, he could have walked into the end zone. This could be another. He gave it tio tomorrow, and they all collapsed there. I mean, he could've walked. They committed on everything. But anyway, defensively is that defensive unit? Yes, but quarterbacks always got to be a top five, but six, the most important player on that team trust.

Yeah, i was gonna say, i'm having a really hard time. Put him in the top five guys. Zeke is the most import and that the offensive line i mean, you can't just that unit is the second most defense is going to bandra, who is unhand cuffed us in our our dependency on shockley, which is amazing. So banner's the defensive line there are, i guess, is death.

Oh, it's no question that it's sick you. Elliot is the most valuable player on the dallas cowboys. Other than todd gurley, he's the best running back in football. On the defensive side, our best defensive player is the market's lawrence. He is fifth and tackles for loss in tenth and sacks. Even with sean lee out, the duo of latent vander ash and jalen smith have combined for more tackles than any other duel of linebackers in the national football league. There's a couple of linemen that are better at their position than deck woozy and byron jones. We've have dvds that are better at their position and jackie, but that doesn't mean that deck is in a solidly valuable player to the cow.

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