All right, john, i'm on a break from the abbot as a cheese fan after down here and talk about this, um, breaking news. Karim hunt involved in a physical altercation with a nineteen year old girl back in february in a hotel team zea, release the video. So if you haven't seen you, go watch it. I have a couple questions. What do you all think happens to karim hunt? And if he suspended for a long period of time, how do you think it impacts the chiefs? I think he's going to get a lengthy suspension. And i think it greatly impacts the chiefsoffense. I think it's a huge loss, but let me know what you think below

I maintain he needs to be out of the league for everybody. Everybody who does something like this. He needs to be going. Sorry, i won't tell you. You could be cream. Honey, you could be right. Should we? Don't know how james winston keeps getting away with it. But eh, if this is legit, and there's no excuse ever for it to happen. But if somehow some waiters forgiveness, whatever, but he's gonna be at least suspended. But i think he needs to be out the lead. That's the only way.

Give the whole reuben foster controversy that was opened up by the washington redskins a few days ago. I find it very difficult to envision a scenario where cream hunts not to spend. I thought on that that he might be put on the commissioner's exempt list as well as potentially getting a six game suspension due to the nfl's domestic violence policy, which, i believe is the right decision to go out. Effects of chiefs is that it's run game is going to be in flux now, spencer, where is gonna get the lion's share of carrie's? But who knows what's gonna happen after that? We're gonna lean a lob pass from homes now.

We know that when there's a video of this incident, the worst off the player actually is reside with ray rice. What he did was uncalled for. No mein should ever lay a finger on a woman pointing simple. You'll be suspended at least six games by my drunken monkey kicking his ass out of the league. Some call for sorry to break it to you. Cream hunt. That was a bitch. Move.

Look, let's face it. It's like drunken monkey said, let's forget about what's gonna happen to the cheese. I don't care what happens to the chiefs at this point. Okay, hunt, get put himself in a position he shouldn't have been in. And it doesn't matter. She dropped inward. I don't care. I read all about it. I looked at the video and then today the n word does not provocation. Putting your hand on the woman. Okay. Disassociate yourself with her. Keep it moving. Move on. Simple is that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

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