Well, wait. Everybody knows about the karim hunt mess. All right? We're not going to go over that. But here's some breaking news that she's have officially released karim hunt. He is no longer on the team. That's crazy, which i think about this.

It's what happens when teams he gets involved in terms and into a viral optic. You know, it's amazing how there's no real outcry, concern or anything else. When reuben foster, other than people just saying, you know, they picked reuben foster up, you know? But you know, it's where our values are and what we've decided to accept. See, because there's a racial the m word is involved. That's why the nfl have been backing off from this thing up until now. Now it's

I kind of feel bad for green line, but a dumb ass man you were. When you're a public figure of that status, you got to know not to put your hands on a woman, man. Especially when you're a man. It's not right. It's not right. I mean, come on, man. That's the stupidest thing you could ever do. You just ruined your career. You ray rice, your career cream money. So i don't think he'll be back either. A lot of, you know, someone pick him up. Ray rice was in the prime of his career. Nobody picked him back up.

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