All right, so i think the nfl's tough spot. I think that that is where the nfl gonna do because there could be a double standard. I think there is between the nfl. Pnc expressed even the public this year is dawei, ohio. That coach note. No charges, no tape right, banned for life, public hours so bad they want a trestle in the dream. So if the chiefs knew about this, there's a tape, no charges and they still out in play. Why isn't the public outrage is going after the cheese organizations?

Yeah, if the chiefs know about it, there's going to be a public outrage. Just nobody want chief hong kong care like that. Just like ohio state didn't fire their head coach there is going to say up whatever, and they're going to move about their day. There's gonna be public outrage, just like michael vick got signed by the eagles. Just like with foster now, just like when adrian peterson came back, there's gonna be some public outrage. But the way the storm and will die out. The problem is with the player itself. The players have to know, and this has to be the example. Finally, the nfs descent.

Yeah. Finally, the nfl made an example, but the public l cry is coming. The chief's knew this. They just got rid of one of their best players. And this did decimated the chiefs and the patriots were just gonna walk into the super bowl again. Hashtag. Thank you. But seriously, they just got rid of one of their best players. They know something. It's storm is brewing against this organization. Maybe even coming from cadel himself like you get against a page, she's going to get crazy curious.

Battle on SportsMe! Is there a double standard by the public towards the ncaa and the nfl???

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