So in light of what happened to corinne behind because you've already got ninety thousand posts on here. So i'm not going to that sonata deaths out on the table. Does that open it up for houston, the chargers and new england? Oh, as kansas city. Still your favorite two come out a lot of hits on, he said. Andy reid doesn't get it done in the playoffs. So does this solidify another andy reid fruits of second round exit again now that hunters out and if so, whose in to make the super bowl and you're the pain.

Yeah, the good guy was actually one of them. That said, any re doesn't get it done in the playoffs. I still feel like they'll probably get a first round bye or a three scene, but in their first game, they're going to lose. Been saying it the whole time, and i just think this cream hunt situation might solidify it. They got talented often. I think they still do without cream hunt. It just won't be as dominant, which they needed to be done.

Yeah, andy reid's not good. Nothing playoffs. That's hold on the top of we know that. But where's a serviceable running back? He's good. He's good. He's good enough to do what they need him to do. Um, there's still prior gonna winner division and still pride. Get to me. They're going to the playoffs. The good thing is, this isn't before a playoff game that this happened. I mean, it's never good to this happen, but at least they have some time now to figure it out. Actually, try something's in some game, so

I think they're much bigger issues for kansas city in terms of getting to the super bowl than losing karim hunt. We've seen time and time again that you don't need a great running back to make a deep run into the playoffs. You just need a guy that's serviceable. As long as you have a good offense, which the chiefs do with patrick mahomes, they are electric on the outside and a good defense. That's one of the chiefs main issues. You have andy reid's inability to get it done in the playoffs and you have a bad defense. Those are bigger issues than losing cream hunt. They can find a guy that can fill in for him.

Yeah, i don't see where i don't see where hunt going out is going to drastically change his team because they have some depth at the running back dated. It's not hunt, but they've got so many other skill players, but they do have some good running backs on this team, too. Is andy reid's ability to just in the play offs that has been the biggest challenge for his career. And let's see if he uses his weapons right going into the playoffs, that's going to be the question, not lose.

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