All right, folks, i saw something and it's a conspiracy theory economy since once i thought i've figured it out, lost the los angeles rams air in my heavy favorite to win a super bowl that i'm in a team in los angeles in burger advert. So they need it. Then you have the two teams the saints, in the can say geez, only two realistically able to beat him. T m z is headquartered in los angeles.

Really? That's your conspiracy theory way. Still got to get to the saints. The cowboys. Come on, man. A little more respect to your team, james.

Yeah, i'm with rained off here. There's so many teams that they have to deal with. St. Cowboys bears, vikings let's not forget about my seahawks. Which randolph? You better be our seahawk three times in a year because that's tough to do or they favorites possibly, but i don't think it's a done deal yet. Nfl's probably the hardest sport to predict. Going to be a fun play offs.

Battle on SportsMe! I have a legit theory, kinda conspiracy theory in a sense. Did TMZ and the city of LA just buy a Super Bowl for the LA Rams??? Think about it!!!

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