So i'm out here at this tree farm, you know, and we're so close to boston that you run into, you know, patriots players, celtics players time. Look who's here. Look who's here. Tom brady. Go showing us his ass right now. I have your autograph. Oh.

Oh, so you went out to a farm out in montana? Okay. You went out to a farm in montana and saw goop. Okay? Damn, you went a long way to see it go. You went all the way to montana to see it go. Very good. I'm happy you traveled that far.

I saw a lamb back there. Was that aaron rodgers? That lamb back there? Yeah, that was aaron rodgers, that lamb.

Boy allah crazy from top to the bottom. Rum shot a ship with funny. In gucci, you go, you you you found a way to hook hook your montana into this thing. And then, jonah, you took a full circle. Would identifying a lamb back there and then drop that on roger's dam. If you all didn't bring that full circle, that shit was funny.

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