See, i think that's the thing, right. The dallas cowboys and dak prescott having the most wins third tied for second most winds in the past three years. But the cab was about accolades, and everybody's talking about you brings championships. I think if they get over the hump of winning a playoff game and getting to the super bowl and winning, i think mohr emphasis will be put on the cowboys and more of the winds behind the numbers. They start winning, then those accolades and statistics.

Yeah, i just don't see the cowboys getting past the rams or the who were they. I don't even know who they would have to play at this point, but of that they're not going to pass the bears, the rams or the same thing. Even though they beat the saints. I think the saints will definitely come back and beat them in the playoffs, so i just don't see it happening this year for them. Dak is a subpar quarterback. We all know we all know he's not responsible for those were not entirely.

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