Tom brady come free game. Braid has a thirty two and three record, including the postseason against rivers, big bend, andrew luck, meow homes and detections franchise who's oh, by the way, one in ten but against break my question to you is, is there anyone other than rady headed to the super bowl?

Bill belichick has a thirty two and three record, and brady is, ah product of that. The two of them together have that record. Brady did not orchestrate the defensive schemes that caused them to win the super bowl that that year. If if be smoke gets that bond crosses, the goal line has nothing to do with brady. It has to do with bill belichick, and brady gets the credit for having quarterback those teams. But he, he himself, did not win those games. He was one of the.

I think the biggest factor and tom getting back to the super bowl is if the fc playoffs, we're going to go through new england. If everyone has to go play at new england, it's not happening. Tom is going to get to his ninth super bowl if we have to go through, say, houston, maybe, or kansas city maybe more of a toss up. But at the same time, it's really hard to pick against tom and fc. I see him get into his mind super bowl this season.

So i got a match up for you. Keep saying everybody was arguing. Who's better? Jordan lebron best of all time. Georgia on the brunt let's do this. Three on three matchup. No substitution, sze. I'll give you jordan. Lebron is shack. Who wins them? Or magic johnson? Larry bird and wilt chamberlain? I'll take magic and larry combo will any day. Let me know what you all think. No substitution.

Tom brady has not been that terrific the last few weeks. I think it's time for a new era. I think either a team like a chargers attacks and the team are up and coming. I think in different thrown the patriot. Even the chiefs can do thrown the patriots, maybe even the steelers as well. So i don't think the patriots are guaranteed to make it there. I don't care about.

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