All right, eagles fans. It's a writer. Die. You got but football in against you. If you guys don't pull this out, you better kiss those playoff chances. Goodnight. Goodbye.

I think the the eagles are going to continue to keep their fan base their hopes alive. I just think they're going dash those hopes in the first round of the playoffs. I think they go out in the first round, but i think they're going. They're going to squeak in, they're gonna keep those fans. You know, they're hope alive as the defending champion and then see you.

Yeah, you know, we were being butt fumble and i thought, i hope they can keep their hopes alive. But that run coming up with some way got the texans that cowboys and and rams. I mean, if we lose to the cowboys were done, obviously, but we got win all three of those games, and i don't see that happening.

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