So right now we got jeff driskel games. Brian molins, colt mccoy, mark sanchez, brock osweiler, josh mccown. We had need peterman chase, daniel, lamar jackson, rg three. From what i hear, the saints have been contacted about the availability of teddy bridgewater. Teddy bridgewater made it known he's perfectly content to sit behind drew brees for a little bit. What do you think about this decision? Good or bad?

First of all, i got one thing to say about several of those bad quarterbacks and several of those serviceable quarterbacks that be in and out in the whole bit. How many of those guys is callin colin kaepernick better than and how many teams have needed a quarterback this year and have allowed politics to play the factor in them, not inviting him to their team on?

I think the reason bridgewater's not going to get moved out of new orleans, at least not this season, for one big reason. Because bridgewater's free agent, it makes no sense to me why teams would want to trade assets that can help them potentially in the future. For a guy who can just jump ship in a few months, that happens to gm. Beckett suckered into bat is gonna have egg on their face. For sure. It seems like the bills for knives, air starting quarterback like that. Yeah, very content. With their high draft picks, they'll take what they can get, to be honest.

Yeah, he's gonna be a free agent. Don't make no sense because, you know, the resting there still will be looking for a quarterback. So are the broncos. You know, there's other teams. The dolphins are probably looking for a quarterback, so, um, yeah, just but with kaepernick thing got stop. He made his decision. He made his sacrifice for a cause that he felt was just that calls that he loved warn football. So that's it. His career's over. He's never gonna get another chance. Isn't wrong. Yes, but let him be a peace with it. And let's stop dragging his name and

Yeah, i agree him about over the cabinet thing, sir. I mean, e i mean, he got the collusion case going on cd. Obviously doesn't want to come back to nfl. Just wants to get paid for them dogging him out. But i wouldn't make the argument for tim tebow. Tim tebow is better than a lot of these motherfuckers, and he did take his team deep into the playoffs. I mean, you may not like a star when i like the way plays, but should i would take a boat with peterman any day at a fucking week? To me, that's a better argument.

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