Breaking news sports reverse the nhl has announced seattle will be getting an expansion team in two thousand twenty one thousand one two or, i don't know someone confirm that it's another few thousand twenty one. Twenty two two thousand twenty one. That's what the world needs is another nhl team because oh, sorry. I fell asleep because no one cares about the nhl. I mostly kidding. People do care about the nhl, but they definitely don't need another team.

How long? Be too sure about that there, jeff. At least with the addition of seattle, things would even out for each division. There would be some reconfiguration that would go on between the pacific and the central, but eighteen's to a division would be possible now with seattle. But that's a minor point that i'm throwing out there. A team in seattle. What work? Because they have a western hockey league team, the seattle thunderbirds. They've had a lot of postseason success, pretty good fan base so a team in seattle would work.

Now, jeff, there's a ton of reasons why i have to disagree with you on this one. The success of the vegas cold nights, as well as the fact that the conferences were still imbalance, suggested that a thirty second team was pretty much guaranteed when seattle began to be heated up. It's a destination. Ever since last offseason and pretty much book, seattle was going to get their team. Really, it was only a matter of when it would happen. Now the conferences are balanced out. Vancouver now has a rival in pacific northwest. I'd have a problem with the expansion at all.

Yeah, like sportsmen, it said. The conferences have been imbalanced since detroit moved to the eastern conference, so we're going to get a western team. Regardless. I think seattle's really good city. And just because you look a like the seahawks, they have a lot of diehard fans. I think bringing his hockey team into the city will, uh, create more buzz around the sport and create a lot of diehards in the city as well. Look at vegas as a perfect example.

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