I know nobody gives a fuck about baseball this time of year, and to be honest, i really don't either. But we've got great news. Today is a st louis cardinals fans will have to go in here and say paul goldschmidt to the st louis cardinals. What great news that is. We have been asked and a half the last couple years on for such a great franchise, not even making a postseason is just unacceptable. So let's go ahead and get him signed bryce harper while we're at it and then let's make a run because i'm tired of seeing the cubs win the division. I think this is the first step to the cardinal's getting back to who they truly are. Let's go

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To quote one of my favorite movies of all time. What to do. What does it all mean, basil? No one cares about goldschmidt. No one cares about the cardinals. Everyone already knows that the nfl is run by the dodgers sambolin plane. It's going to be that way, probably this year as well. I don't see anyone getting better, and i honestly feel like the dodgers just might sign bryce harper.

Man, you have every right to be excited for paul goldschmidt used six time all star. The guy's been so consistent and so good, and he will provide a lot of power and consistent hitting that this thing was cardinals lacked last season, and that's why they didn't make the playoffs lastyear. Cardinals haven't made the playoffs in the last three years, so this is a perfect addition to this team, and they didn't really give up that much to acquire paul coachman. I expect st louis to make another move in free agency and try and make a playoff push.

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