Guys, i want to get your top by players and all sports. Toe watch. Who is your favorite players? Toe watch in all of sports. For me, it's easy. Number one i'm taking claude drew of the philadelphia flyers, number two tom brady of the patriots, number three joelle and beat of the seventy sixers. Four allen iverson and five rob gronkowski. Who you got.

I'm being a laker fan. Obviously, i'm going to say kobe, i'm on also dodger fan and i love you zeal. Puig's antics that he does. I am a fan of who else? Kyrie, big kyrie finn and i'm alonso ball finn. What else? Philip rivers love p. Reves love p ribs.

Battle on SportsMe! TOP 5 ALLTIME FAVORITE ATHLETES TO WATCH! WHO Y’ALL GOT??? #thebackups #NHL #NFL #NBA #MLB #golf #tennis #soccer

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