I have to ask is who thought of this topic and why? I mean, it was no secret when seattle was pretty much expected tohave an nhl team. But arizona was going to kick to the central and seattle's can take their spot plans, and you could argue that mohr sensical shakeups can happen as well.

I agree. One hundred percent. Whoever came up with this tag to a dozen watch hockey or b is not knowledge enough on hockey to be talking about it. So, yeah, everything you stated about both leagues. The one thing i think detroit would be a little pissed off. We're throwing him back and forth between the east and west. But for them to switch with nashville would make sense. Same with the new york and florida teams.

Actually, i completely disagree. Here's why you can't just change a bunch of teams from one conference to the other. There was a very specific reason why the houston astros went from the western the and l to the ale. They were terrible. It was a french. I need it now. You got detroit playing with with the rangers in the brig, realignment is stupid.

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