Usually a lot of people who watch that lakers heat game. After the game, lebron and d wade played their final game against each other. They have that jersey swap. I'm not a big fan of that. I'm not a big fan of buddy buddy system bullshit. You're on the other team, your competition. You're dead meat to the other in my eyes when i see you.

I'm not really a fan of the buddy buddy system. I'd like the rivalries i like dislike in my opponent. But there's has been special. There's has been basically something beyond that, which you can continue teo to to sort of ridicule, even though early on i tried to kind of throw that concept and out there for discussion. But in that case, you've got to remember dwayne wade is also retiring, and that was their last competitive game and ray.

Yeah, i get it. It's more fun to watch a rivalry than it is to watch, too. Buddy buddy guys compete. However, i will say that lebron and d. Wade were friends before bron even gotten the league. It goes much deeper than basketball, and it wasn't like they swapped jerseys at half time and we're sucking each other off in half time. They played a competitive game, guard each other down the stretch, and then when the game was over because it was the last game they'll ever play against one another, they swapped georges. I don't think that's that big of a deal.

Look, i'll say this. I'm probably the biggest lebron hater in the world. I will find anything. And i do mean anything i possibly can to hate on lebron. I'm not a fan and the jersey swamp thing. I didn't really have anything to hate on. I mean, i get it. The whole rivalry thing is great. But number one, the game is over with two. What difference does that make wait city in his career? Let him have.

Really, what's the problem? It's there. We'll ask game. Those guys literally went to four straight championships together, so they're allowed to be friends because they did compete on the same team. And no one cares if you're not for the buddy buddy system. They were friends before they even got in the league and their lifelong friends, and it goes beyond basketball, so just stay out of their business.

Battle on SportsMe! Not a fan of the LBJ D Wade jersey swap at the end of the Lakers Heat game and this whole buddy buddy BS in the league.

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