Recently, shaquille o'neal said that his two thousand won l a lakers team would easily be today's golden state warriors team oh i hear your opinion on this do you think that two thousand one lakers team would easily destroyed today's golden state warriors game or do you think the warriors can keep a competitive or actually when against the two thousand won l a lakers in a potential seven game series so

Somebody who lived through the two thousand one team. Guess it was a remarkable team, however. Destroyed. I don't think would necessarily happen. I think in a seven game series, we're looking like for two max. It's really about it. Golden state doesn't have anyone guard shack and kobe always seemed to kill golden state so hard to be.

Well. Golden state is the greatest team of all time, so i think you should rephrase the question. Two. Could the owen lakers compete in a series or possibly win against this golden state team? Make no mistake about it, golden state would be favored.

I mean, when we say how good those lakers teams are. Then the teams that clear bad calls by referees adam come back and beat portland. Siri's. They were down by to the sacramento kings. Right? Arthur? Didn't referees go to jail for later admitting and being called by a federal investigation for fixing games and making the lakers beat the kings? The lakers team weren't that good. They were the best team that was around. Then there's shaq and kobe, but they weren't unbeatable.

Yeah, i don't know about the easily part. I do believe that there would have been potentially some advantage, especially in the post. I really do believe there would have been potentially some advantages in the post. But again, these errors when we start getting into that because nobody shot the basketball back then like this warriors team does. And we have to admit to that. And so the neutralizing factor. Um, i don't know about easily could there be?

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