I know no one else is watching this boston game because i don't have any boston fans on here anymore. Bought this shit's better while this has been wild carriages hit some mean threes and overtime wall was on fire. Give that man all his credits even after rolling his ankle. Man, this was a hell of a game. I'm glad i got to catch the whole fourth quarter in overtime. Let's go. Sees hell of a fight. Go, kyrie.

Carrie's always had robot battles with point guards of solid caliber. So him having a good battle with john wall's really not surprising. I've been a big kyrie fan since duke. I didn't really watch him much when he went to boston due to me being a laker fan. I wasn't really the biggest fan of that movie for obvious reasons. But i respect it. No. So yeah, no, i'm not at all surprised that he had another good battle with john wall props toe kyrie loved rosie.

Yeah, i'm watching it. But again, carrie, carrie going off. But at same time defensively they are. They're not performing insane. They there's there's something missing right now. I don't know if smarts not getting enough minutes or if he's not getting in with the right combination, is something that's not clicking with that celtic defense right now, and maybe i've been small over the playoffs.

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