Okay, guys, i hope you saw what stephen a. Smith said today. It was pretty funny, he said. The three players to watch today or number one hunter henry, and he has even played a game all season because he's been injured.

Have a mai, said derrick johnson. But it's still really funny that he says all this.

What, stephen? A cell was stupid ass. And nine it was without any substance. It goes to show that even he relied on on unknowledgeable in turn. Or he tried to pull something out of his dear ear, and it just further exposed that he's nothing more than a talking here. That is ridiculous. To name three non participants as players toe.

Battle on SportsMe! Stephen A top 3 players to watch today. Lmao 不 @babgocubs @BlakeLammers @SauceBoss @TheSportsNerd @Jonah @DaGooch @TheShotDoctor

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