All right. So stephen jackson was on the herd this morning and he talked about how, if you was katie and he was gonna leave, he wouldn't go play for luke won't because he'd have a hard time respecting luke. Walter. He said it be an easy decision. I'd go play for the doc. I'd play for the clip. Show it be an easy decision. What are your thoughts on the steven jackson comments? I find it rather interesting.

Man. I think that Steven Jackson is right, man. Why not? If you're going to go to L. A right now, that's the bar teem with life. You're better off plane with Doc and the Clippers being your own team and they're looking really good. You may be able to have another player, so go to the Clippers. Create your own legacy here because with Lakers too many great.

What? This narrative that Doc Rivers, a great coach, is crazy. He took a stack Boston team, and only one wondered that one of the first super teams that was put together people don't realise came just for a title and only one one. He couldn't get a Clipper still Western Conference final when they were loaded with Blake Griffin CP three d and adorn on the prime. He couldn't win nothing. Katie goes a Clippers. He wins nothing. He rather just go and get on LeBron's jockstrap, get another title.

He got a lot of that Boston squad and, as a matter of fact, named me to coach. That's got all these other than Phil Jackson with the two super teams he's had in the Lakers and, uh, and the Bulls. And they can't be compared that named me to coach. That is that all these massive runs, two championships, that is a false narrative when I hear it and you're talking about guys that want the backside of their prime years that he did a great job getting them to a championship and to contend for one.

Battle on SportsMe! Stephen Jackson said if he was KD he’d play for DOC over Walton and it be an EASY DECISION. What’re your thoughts on this @Jeff @RyanHollins @art #NBA #Durant #DocRivers #Clippers #Lakers #KD

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