Hockey is underrated.

Yeah, I agree with you. I generally don't start getting in the hockey until after Christmas, but I'm paying toe attention a little bit more this year. Um, but yet it is definitely, um, a good change of pace sport. Like to sit down and watch a hockey game just different. It's I got a different vibe, different feel to it. But I agree with you. I definitely think it's over underrated.

Someone finally said it.

Yeah, I agree with you guys, and there's a lot of different factors. One youth developmental side of that has really become, you know, from a Northeastern perspective and a northern perspective, you know, as faras, even the youthful interests in hockey from as a sand lot competitive in. So there's one of your issues. The other is just a limit to scorn at the professional level. The exposure lessons itself because of what the consumer demands, but at the end of the day that it's definitely underrated fall the skill sets and the excitement that it brings.

Trust me. I love watching hockey. I used to play hockey for him while I was very small. But it was fun, though actually really like cocky because of the fast pace action. Lots of hitting, physical contact. It's fluff fun. Trust me, I went to a hockey game. This year is lots of fun, man. Usually basketball and football get all the credit, but hockey is really good to watch me. And trust me, it's a lot of fun. I do agree that it is a little bit underrated and needs more attention.

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