More Jackson is Go Garbage! Garbage, You guys! Are you watching the Ravens game at all? Ah, he's pride of worse. Though I've ever seen played quarterback. I'm serious. He bet we're Peterman there needs time, Peterman. Oh, my God. He is the word.

Yeah, well, I don't really think they draft him for his throne skills. They draft him because he's a dual threat guy who can, who can do a lot for the team all around. But the problem is, after you hit your your prime, you were just gonna get slower and slower. And I mean, in terms of speed, he might already be at his prime and he was never that great of a thrower. But he is a rookie, and he's gonna grow as a thrower. But I don't know, man. We'll see what happens, but he's not bad at the moment.

Oh, my God. If you think Nathan Peterman, Khun, do better than any eight year old quarterback out there, you're just speaking a bunch of bull crap. Nathan Peterman is a walking interception. Lamar Jackson honestly is, ah, Wal Mart, Michael Vick. And I don't want to have him in the same breath is Michael Vick. But I mean, Nathan Peterman is just hot garbage.

Well, the Ravens are the number one rushing football team in the NFL since starting Lamar Jackson quarterback, so at least he's good for something. Um, it kinda reminds me of the forty Niners offense whenever they started Colin Kaepernick on Go the legal, figure that shit out and then Lamar will be good for nothing. A quarterback is. He's never gonna have the arm talents play quarterback in the NFL. It's working out right now, but that will be short lived. What they need to do is teach him how to run routes on, just be a big play receiver. He'd be much more valuable that receiver if he could run around and catch the ball.

Drunken monkey. Me and you both call that he's the next RG three. He's gonna have a good year. And then next year, he was going to look like dog shit. I don't trust him. He's won some games, but they've been against easy teams. They will trade Joe Flacco and then no regret every thank you afterwards. Once he learned this guy sucks.

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