It took a while, but the Boston Celtics have won eight of nine. They look like the team that everyone thought they could be the team that Ryan Hollins predicted would win the championship. I had a chance to win the championship. I don't care what all you haters say. The Warriors were not going to win the championship this season. It's going to be the Celtics. Yeah, they've struggled. It took a while to figure things out. Time to battle. If you don't have a minimum, think they're making the find.

Yeah, there's a post out there in reference to that, picking the two finalists and I've got the Warriors and Celtics. So not opposing or not when I think so, I think it's going to come down to the Raptor and Celtics, all the other story lines or just entertainment. But if me and today, yeah, it's going bore down. Teo. The Celtics coming out of the East against the Warriors, edging out someone like the Lakers or either. Okay, see for the West.

All right. Look, man, I'm no genius here. But the Boston settlers have won eight of the last nine games. True enough, the Boston Celtics must win the best of seven, and whatever serious they face off. That's the reality of it. And right now, the team they had to face off against we'll be the Toronto Raptors. Let's get riel. Can the Boston Celtics bringing together for seven game's the best of seven games? I don't think so. Matting is to club that against you box. This will come down to coaching, folks that

Or are they so hot right now? They just lost the sons at home by eight points, and it really was even that close. Man. The Celtics are a bunch of frauds, man. They're always overhyped. And then they disappointment. I'm telling you once and for all, they're not going to make the MBA find out all you Boston butt buddies going. We got Kyrie. We got Hayward, Jason Taito. Scary Terry. We're going to the NBA Finals. Not so fast, think again.

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