Hat goes off to Jared Allen on the LeBron James Duct to the Basque Brian James. Strongest fuck to the whole. Alan went and blocked about Tommy playing fucking defense. But here's the problem with day. He was more worried about social media and getting dunked on. Like I said, what's the problem with today's defensive player? They're more worried about being a highlight reel instead of trying to play defense saints through social media. Take my head off for him trying and it working more that the game will be interest.

I agree, Chef. But the reality is most the world and not even remotely know who Jared Allen Wass Had he not done that sensational block the other night. So I cannot fall to God for trying and capitalizing on the power that is the King LeBron James in the airwaves, and certainly media noise that that sort of situation makes. So I don't fault the kid for that. But to your point, let's get some Dina. I totally agree, Boo.

Yeah, good step. There's not a commitment to the full body of game anymore. Playing being a two way player and building and being the best player, you can be on both sides of the ball. It's about in the individual ism and opportunistic circumstances, and that's what the game delivers right now is about offense, offense, offense. And every now and then, if you could get a sensational moment, block one and throw it up into the rafters and all that kind of stuff blocking it, like Bill Russell keeping in and play concentrating on something like that, that would never happen. It's about individualism.

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