Why don't we wait? Kareem Abdul Jabbar's rings all of his rings as heavily as Michael Jordan's ring. You know, for his fifth and six championships and both the regular season and the playoffs, eighty seven eighty eight. The only thing Karim let in on his team was blocked. He was fourth and points for both seasons and both the regular season and the playoffs, second and third and a rebound for championship number five and third and fourth and rebounds for championship number six. I'm just saying those last two championship was

So what you're trying to tell me is that creamed and earn his rings because Magic Johnson shouldered the load. Basically, what you're telling me is in his last two finals that he won, that he was just a role player and Magic Johnson was the show. Am I right? What?

He was Scottie Pippen. After the third ring, he was Scottie Pippen. The first two with the lake is it was Corinne. But the last three magic was Jordan, and he was pimping who Magic first got that he helped them win. But it was Corinne played it, got them over the hump. But the last three championships, he was along for the ride. Older, slower step. He was more of a seventies guy. It was magic show for the last three.

See, Jonah. This is why I still don't put value on rings. And I understand what you all do. If you're going to use rings, is any criteria, then a right, then a ring is a ring. They're even though Karim had less teams, less games, he still won the ring. He still won the ring. So if you're going to use a brain that have to have equal value, can't ass tricked one from the other? So just take him out of the picture completely. Is my.

You all remember James Worthy was on in teams to right, so just saying one, just those two.

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