They want to advance. Hey, Celtics meds just wanted signs. What? You are the sons of home who? Okay, let me hear here, Your reasoning. No Go off to the sun. Oh, man. I've been waiting to talk shit on this out for a while. Oh, you fucking son. So garbage, your garden.

Where's art? Where's Jeff were Marco? Where all those Boston Celtics fans that right now? I mean, you cannot lose to the Phoenix Suns at home. And that's embarrassing loss. It really wasn't even that close. It really wasn't a one eleven one o three margin of victory for Phoenix. It should have been double digit. Boston should just be lucky that Devin Booker and drop seventy points on their ass because he has done that before in the Garden. I'm telling you, the Celtics will not make it to the N B A finals. I believe it will be either six years of the rap.

Watched it, Heard it. So it got no excuses. Yeah, Baines broke his hand. But come on, fucking sons. It's goingto long season excuse. It's a long season.

So let me get this straight. That's eighty two games in a season. We're barely in the second quarter of the season. They lost to the sons like football. You can have an off night. They want a bunch of games and had an off night some way talking shit on here. The Bulls won seventy two in ten in the nineties and three ten losses was the shit team saying, We're going to six, seventy three and nine years. This was a bad posts.

No, I don't think it's a bad posted all because you want me to tell you why I'm gonna tell you why. Because every win, the Celtics have our normal no Boston. But boys get on here and that, like they just want a championship. So I'm alright. We're knocking him down a peg when they lose to the sons. I'm okay with it. I think it's a fine post because he nicely beat me to it because I won't go got crushed out my That's what I was about to get him. And I saw this. But no, they come on every day like they just want Game seven when they beat Minnesota.

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