So your boy CP Chisel is out and definitely with a hamstring. Is it? Death surprises any of us there? Where does that leave the Rockets? Are the Rockets done? Stick a fork in a CZ? Call it a done season, and they still have a chance with losing to defensive players and now losing CP three. On top of that, do you think they still make the playoffs? I say hard. No world. Himto a seventh eighth spot, but they definitely get past the first row.

We'll see how it is tomorrow night. Since they have the Spurs and the Spurs have pretty much been hit or miss ball season. So we'll see how competitive the Rockets can be without CP three and all the other players that are hurt as faras further down the road. I'm not ready to stick a fork in them just yet. The West has been so close all season, so as long as they don't drop too many games and CP three's absence, there's still gonna stand chance. It's like you said, they still have hardened and we all know he's going to make it, do what it do.

The history just repeats itself. That's all. Houston will be again a pretender as a contender. I mean, Houston, in this mixture of players will never win a title. And so they need to be out of the title discussion and on Lee fitting that they would be in the spoiler position. That's the only position that you should look at them spoil.

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