Here we go again. This is why LeBron James cannot be the goat, These piece of shit because all he does is due to several g m's or say, basically saying what LeBron James does is tampering, and that's what he basically does. He gets These guys were in the last year their contract with our starts. Social media upstart warning so they can come help him when another championship. Nineteen. I'd like another one. Himto win our championship go.

What? Ah.

And I know for a lot of LeBron fans that comes across what drunken Monkey said. That's blasphemy. But a D in today that is this millennial day of that kind of activity. That is not by real competitive people. That's not. It's just not kosher. I mean, that's his world, and that's, you know, that's fine. He's he's creating a new sports dynamic, not just as a player but is Ah player celebrity and as a player businessman. But at the end of day by competitive people is not.

I get it. You are all lebron haters, but you've got to do better than this. So let me get this straight. Golden state has five all stars on their team. The broad has zero other than him, and you're going to get on here in bashing for trying to recruit one guide. His team. This is actually lebron being competitive by trying to get eighty. Everyone knows the lakers have a zero percent chance without him to compete with golden state. With him, there's a least a slim chance that could beat them.

Um, I'm convinced Blake is just ignorant to the fact that in three of the four meetings last year with Golden State, the Lakers were competitive in all three of those for some team that has no shot. We sure the fuck did compete last year? You could sit here and say it was regular season all you want, but the fact the matter is you still got to go out there, play the game lengthened defense bother Golden State Lakers have that.

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