So I have a clich? So on my Celtics brothers out there into everybody, just like Simba, period. Kanan Celtics making back to the same things, but they were had last year. I'm a handsome, all down question, and if you disagree, please during his check, but I want to say yes, because if you look at it, we got the same record as we deal s U, So it's not Look. And this year, we're going to the finals. Hands down Boston Celtics call.

No man. Anybody conjoined, it wants to join. I encourage anybody that wants to join. I invited actually everybody to the first challenge and no. Sixteen people were the only one that responded. I would never leave anybody. I've invited everybody, but only certain people responded in time. So I'm going to do another invite for the playoff challenge, and I give you all the rules once we want to start. But it is going to be much harder than this one you call one game wrongly eliminated. Whoever makes Super Bowl wept the guests to score in the wind.

I think the Celtics need to finish in the top top, too. Otherwise, we'll have a really, really tough road getting into the the championship. You know, they run Tau agood Pacers team that run into a filly team. They'll run into what the Bucks. So if you're sitting at the too, you know or obviously the one spot, you have a very good chance. But, you know, with the top four spots going to the Bucks and probably Philly and hopefully the Celtics want one or two is a key for the Celtics.

Battle on SportsMe! can we make back to the playoffs? #CelticsSoHotRightNow #itsnotluck #wzupnation

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