Yeah, So the cardinals look on good and shit. They got a Paul Goldschmidt in Andrew Miller who are like two studs, apparently. I don't know. I've never heard of either of them. Bye. Fuck, man. Do the outside. I'm scared shitless because I can't live with the dynasty. Just starting twenty sixteen men. We can't just fall off like this losing the wild card like a bunch of versions. But watch out for the Cardinals will take care of business, so I don't worry. What will take care of?

Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. I thought this was gonna be a post hating on the Cardinals, And I usually don't even entertain Cubs fans whenever they come. My cardinals like this, like, win more than one championship on one hundred five fucking years wherever it was, and then come talk to me. But yeah, I mean, the Cubs are nowhere near the cardinal's level. I shouldn't even have to entertain this. Those air. Two huge pickups for my cardinal's on DH. I believe that we will make the postseason again next year. Get back to the way you normally are.

Bro. I feel you. I feel you go. We went to it. Weisbrot, how are we going to go to the World Series twice? Margie, we're going to go to worlds. There is twice and lose. So I feel your pain. Then we tried it off Matt camp. And to peek to get ah to make room for Bryce on Kraho Bryce Harper, cause because, listen, but I feel your pain, man.

As of today to Cardinals or twelve. One will win world Siri's if you put the money down. If you bet the money that these thirty five o one for the Astros and Cardinals one hundred dollars down on national Astros Cardinals go to the World Series and that happens, make some good luck chunk chains. That will matter toe once Phillies time. Machado. So get a couple pitchers. We'll be all right.

Battle on SportsMe! Cardinals looking sexy I guess. 6/10 if you ask me.

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