Nobody bought this bullshit up somewhere. Bring it out. The comment about LeBron saying like Jewish, everything is kosher. I'm making money. You have to get in there. Apologise for what he said. Nothing wrong. Give props to Jewish people. Send it. If I'm getting money, everything is good because, like Jewish people, everything is okay saying that that you know, for having money. Nothing wrong with that. We are like that. A couple extra dollars in my pocket. Why the fuck should he apologise? Starting with shopping?

Brown trying to be this communitarian. He and shit man, his anti racist man. He's the wrong way. Twenty. What Savage is actually one of the best rappers in the game right now is lays. I'm really good. It's fire, man. I don't think twenty one has to apologize whatsoever. LeBron just needs to mind his missus, know his role and shut his mouth and just play basketball.

We do have free speech in this country, and whether the speech is something that people like or don't like is irrelevant. I don't think LeBron has any ill will in his heart. I think the guy's a genuine nice gut, and I don't think he hates anybody. And I don't think any speech possibly reflects anything different than that could be used against his character. I don't think you should apologize for anything, because at this point, any apology is a forced apology and those kinds of apologies aren't genuine. He's still not better than Jordan, though.

All right. Some Jewish trying explain this to you is quit music. So I think what you don't understand, dude, is the history behind that. Slurs like how Jews have all the money and Jews own everything in some contacts may seem like a compliment, but with the history behind it, it's not. Slurs like that are like, responsible for anti Semitism throughout history and response for the murder of millions of Jews. Millions. So people just need to get educated on the history of anti Semitism. People like LeBron. I think everyone in this country wants to be offended right now. I wasn't I didn't see any anti Semitic content.

I agree with huge that there was nothing to apologize for. I agree with Adam Sandler's kid that everyone's just looking for a reason to be offended nowadays, and it's knowing it's fucked. I do not agree with sauce, Boss. I don't know what kind of music you isn't too down there in Florida, but twenty one Savage is a garbage wrapper garbage.

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