Oh, that Los Angeles Chargers. I was going to ask the question. But now I'm just going to make the statement. They're frauds. They're not going to the Super Bowl frauds.

Okay, who's going to the Super Bowl? In your opinion from the C? Just curious.

Yeah, This is the problem now. Playoff time. This is the problem. Everybody has understanding on just what John is doing there, saying teams aren't good, they lose late. They're frauds like the Rams like that. At this point, it's matchups, people. Chargers do not match up well with the Ravens. They don't just like the Rams will not match up well with the Bears. Dallas will match up. Went well with the Bears. So will the sealed, uh, chargers will match up well against the team. I can see. So it's all about.

Absolutely, positively not. Why beat? The Chiefs came backing its achieves and came back and cece healers at their house and the chief's house. How? I mean, I'm happy because Rivers is gonna get court back in my eyes. Just just that the organization he please forward is Annette and Ellen. Not inept. Finally. So no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Yup. Drunken monkeys. Right. It's all about matchups. Um, I wouldn't say the Chargers are frauds. I would say as a chief span, the two teams I would least like to see in the postseason will be one the Ravens and then two Chargers. I don't want to see either one of those teams in the postseason. I do think that the Chargers come into Arrowhead, which they will once you beat Oakland this weekend is everything will go through. Can see. I don't think the charges can beat us again. An arrow head, but I don't want to see them. Ravens. Anyone else in the offseason? Easy Double arrowhead for us.

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