A very Christmas Eve. Sports me what's good. We got MBA, Christmas basketball and I got my prediction. Give me the bucks. Give me the Rockets. Give me the Celtics, the Warriors and the Jazz five Team hundred point Parlay. Take it a leave it. Who wants that Christmas action? Merry Christmas yet.

Yeah, there's some really good games tomorrow, So here are my picks. I'm going with the bucks. That's gonna be an easy money right there against next Nicks or terrible. I have to go with my boys and my Houston Rockets at home against the Thunder. I'm gonna go with seventy six years on the road in Boston. I think they get it done. I'm also going with the Golden State Warriors over the Lakers at home and then at the ten thirty game, I'ma go with the players on the road over the Jazz.

Battle on SportsMe! Christmas Day 100point Parlay!! MERRY CHRISTMAS who wants that action @Jeff @DaGooch @TheShotDoctor @18YearsOfYoungBlood #NBA #Christmas #Parlay #ChristmasDay

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