Where My triple B's at today. Boy, I need, um I need my Boston, but nobody's I need my triple B's today. Hundred points against all your art, Jeff along. You know, the other one's still out on a hundred points on the both feel Sixers beat that ass today. That's what's going happen, Joe. Well, go put that giggling love born they face today You watch one hundred points each. Let's go sixes over Boston on Christmas.

That's not very Christmassy of yet drunken monkey. Triple bees in the house out of we that close yet. But I don't know. We tore up Charlotte's asked the other night. So about the tear up six years asked. Fuck it, I'll take that. I'll take the spread. Let me go check with the spread. Is Celtics four point five. I got it. I think it We win by six.

Clap your hands, everybody! Yeah! Seventy Sixers. Stop it, everybody! Phew! Seventy Sixers, stop that ass! All the Celtics cancel out the process, Joe. Well, it is a based.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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