Man. The Knicks are just an embarrassment. I don't know why they continue to play on Christmas is a tradition they always lose when Christmas reason why they're the first games, because they're the least entertained game of all five game, and hardly anybody wants to see the garbage next play. As you could see, Milwaukee's just destroying the next right now. So I think the MBA needs to band the next from playing Christmas because it's just disgraceful. It's a tradition they keep losing.

I agree, man. At least you know it's Christmas has put on a better team or something. Maybe could have put him on the books against the Raptors, Toronto, even the Miami Heat all better options. This is terrible, but at least on the game should be okay.

You know how I feel about it, Ari. I posted three months ago when the schedule came out. I thought that was ridiculous. Ridiculous? You had a much rather had, right. I know who are the top of the head. Spurs. Raptors would have been a good one. Um, main took anybody else, took, took books, jazz, something something.

We'll use thing. New york is actually a top market as crazy as that sounds. Just listen. You do realize that the nba is probably going to send zion williams and right, it's either going to be there. Cleveland. The knicks aren't going anywhere. They'll be on tv every christmas, just like the lakers, just like everywhere that there's a big marquee name.

Battle on SportsMe! The Knicks need to stop playing on Christmas they always lose on Christmas Day and they are awful. Us basketball fans don’t want to spend our Christmas watching the Knicks lose.

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