Yeah. Where you all were. Your fans that now, little bitches, my boy. Look, Brian beat that ass beating that ass boy? Yeah, I got seventeen years as already. Yes. Oh, man. Oh, my goodness. LeBron is the king. LeBron is the go.

Right here, dude. Uh, congrats, man. LeBron beatem on Christmas Day during the regular season. Uh, if you want to bet five hundred points or ah, Grandma weed or whatever you want to put on who makes it further in the playoffs, I'll take the Warriors and you can have whoever you want. The MBA. Um, just let me know if you want a piece of that action.

I'm having a hard time understanding how both of you consider here and say that LeBron did shit. LeBron had seventeen points. Stop it. We won by twenty six. If you take his seventeen away, we still when by nine cut the bullshit. Already, LeBron did win anything. The Lakers won. Not LeBron the Lakers start putting some respect on my guy's name.

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