Bagels the heat as affiliates warning I you to pull three one lead, Tio. Oh, I'm sorry. I have to do with this. Throw part of getting over the files again. I got to get one in. Sorry. Must be in a and all your fans left early. Hey, I think that's a bandwagon. Your ceiling safety mean defense. You're gonna get him out.

Yeah, they just got embarrassed at home by the Lakers by thirty. I mean, I'm just a shocked as anybody is, man, that's crazy. As a rock, it's fan. I'm really happy every time I see the Warriors lose. So it's fun to enjoy Golden State losing, especially on their home, for just so you know, all four of their home losses this season have been by more than twenty points. So Toronto, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and now the Lakers all by twenty on on their home. Quite shocking, right? But it's amazing.

The Warriors have been to the NBA Finals four seasons in a row. And if not for the MBA, intervening in twenty sixteen and suspending Draymond Green, they would have won the championship four years in a row. So you tell me how enthused you'd be to play a regular season game in December. Given that context, these dudes don't give a shit. They can get the eighth seed in the West. There Still gonna win it all. Curry, Clay Durant, Dreamin and Boogie Good fucking luck.

Blake. I'm just going to see how all this is going to pan out when Steph Curry leaves. Like, you will have to jump on a new team. Could you? I don't understand how it works. Like I hear you talk about Golden State like they've been your team since birth. And it's just like what you do when he leave. Like, when current goes to Charlotte. Eventually. Are you going? Just be like Rob? Roz? Charlotte? Is this how this works? Like I stand at school work? I don't know. It's not being a

I don't know why this is such a shock to people. Still, in three of the four meetings that we have at them last year they were all close games. One of them was, was taken to double overtime. There's a way to be gold statements, lengthened defense. The Lakers have that, and that's why LeBron shows them. They hear from the best shot to be Gold State now. First Blake of his little Golden State love and all that they care. It's a regular season game, but if Golden State woman, you're sitting here saying, Oh, they beat the broad again.

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