Out of anybody. See ESPN this this morning for rows was on it with Max Kellerman and Damon Jones, and Max Kellerman was breaking. Now, Hi great players said he grades. I'm on a five level system, he says. Superstar, then all star than pro player than average player. And for level one, he said. Then Ryan Highlands. I fucking Dad fell off a fucking day. They're talking. Monkey was watching that he'd enjoyed every minute and shit.

Max Kellerman is out of control. It would have been funny for a minute, but then when I would have thought about it, you know it it further goes with them. Damn talking heads. That was a damn insult to a guy, journeymen or not, to a god. It played over a decade in the league, something Max Kelemen, who is a talking head in every sport and not a very good one. It any has never excelled at any of the sports that he gives such demonstrative analys.

Three point seven points. Gay. I bet you I get average three points in poison game. I've been you thought enough. If I chuck enough up there, I couldn't get three point seven points a game worth points, I promise you. Shall I tell you what I mean? You got no credentials at me? No, no, nothing.

Ah, shot, Doc. Lighten up. Max and Ryan are boys. They go way back. Max even said that on the show after he gave him the little jabs. So that's fair game whenever you're really good friends with somebody, I think, um, however drunken monkey. Yes. Three point seven or the funky average. If you play ten years in the N. B A. You were a top one percent basketball player in the world. So give him a little bit of credit. But Ryan at Holland sports opinions are fucking ludicrous, Dude's a dipshit.

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